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SCA Transportation Forensics have over 20 years of accident reconstruction experience with over 1500 cases ranging from simple parking lot collisions to 22-vehicle pileups.  We deal with complex cases such as highway design issues or vehicle component failures, to simple traffic violations and human errors.

We use the latest equipment, proven scientific methods, and technologies for accurate and thorough investigations.  When the events are too complex for verbal explanation, we provide 3-dimensional visualizations and animations.  Because our animations are done in-house by engineers, not gaming animators, we keep costs down and turnaround time are minimized.  The key to cost saving and accurate reconstruction is starting our projects in 3-dimensional, as we live in a 3-dimensional world with 3-dimensional environments and 3-dimensional objects.  We do a better job in 2-D or 3-D because production is as simple as selecting a camera view.  Please contact us for demos and competitive quotes.

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