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  Established in 2004 as a consulting firm, SCA Transportation Forensics provides crash reconstruction and expert witness services, scene documentation, preservation or mapping to solve collision mysteries. When the events of a crash are to complex for verbal explanation, SCA Transportation Forensics Inc. is the answer. 
Specialized in Crash Reconstruction and Transportation forensics with over 25 years of experience in:
  • Automobiles
  • Commercial vehicles
  We deal with complex cases such as highway design issues or vehicle component failures to simple traffic violations and human errors.
  • Trains
  • Pedestrians
  • Buses
  • Bicycles & Motorcycles


  • Forensic Animations

  • Crash Reconstruction

  • Highway Design

  • Human Factors in Traffic Safety

  • Traffic Signal Analysis

  • Crash Data Retrieval

  • Forensic Mapping

We use the latest equipment, proven scientific methods, and technologies for accurate and thorough investigations.  When the events are too complex for verbal explanation, we provide 3-Dimensional visualizations and animations.   Because our animations are done in-house by engineers, we keep costs down and turnaround time are minimized.  
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